Therapeutic Massage

If you are in need to alleviate pain and to relax, our therapeutic massage is the right option for you!

This treatment is area specific and will be focused on reducing pain and finding the source of the problem. Many techniques will be used in order to treat pain, such as sweedish massage techniques, stretching and strengthening of muscles.

The entirety of the session will be in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Even though some points of the treatment may be uncomfortable, the pain should always be tolerable. Our skilled therapist will be attentive to your needs.

30 minutes: $41.40 60 minutes: $82.80 90 minutes: $124.20 *tax is included in price


Relaxation Massage

If you need to get away from your busy life and in need of a little pampering, you're in for a treat!! Our relaxation massage will take you to a place of deep relaxation and leave you with a sense of peace within.

Soft lighting, hot towels, paraffin wax* and essential oils are used to maximize relaxation and to enhance the overall experience. Get a full body treatment by a registered massage therapist involving techniques such as long strokes, kneading and vibrations. The entire treatment will be rhythmic and flowing.

Benefits of a relaxation massage:

It can relieve stress, improve blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, rid the body of toxins and promote sleep.

30 minutes: $41.40 60 minutes: $82.80 90 minutes: $124.20 *tax is included in price


Couples Massage


Enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy in the company of a significant other or a friend!

You will have the option of a relaxation or a therapeutic massage. Hot towels will be used if desired.

 30 minutes: $41.40 60 minutes: $82.80 90 minutes: $124.20 *Per person, tax is included.